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Dead Silence From This Sales Team

Every month you send your sales team a report. Or, maybe they are able to look at their sales online. Total sales. Sales by customer. Item sales by customer. But is it enough? Usually these reports are limited and compare periods but do not give you detailed sales over a number of periods

I created a sales report that detailed 5 years by customer by item and then by item by customer. I gave each sales rep a report their report. They spent a few minutes perusing their report.

The room was dead silent. Did I do something wrong? I asked.

One of the sales reps replied, “I’ve been here ten years. This is the first time I’ve received a sales report that has meaning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

One of the sales reps asked me, “I travel across the country and it would be really helpful in planning if I could see my customers according to geographical area so I could target who I need to visit and be armed with the right data. Whoa! That’s a big request. But not for Jet. In just a few clicks, you have that report.

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