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About Reports Your Way

We work with expert trainers, analysts and BI developers around the world

Janice Taylor is the Founder of Reports Your Way, and a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).  She also holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business.


With Janice's experience as a Jet customer combined with her prior roles as VP Finance, CFO, COO, Controller and Financial Analyst, she understands first hand the reporting challenges for the end user.

As Jet Reports Canada past owner, (now part of insightsoftware), for almost 12 years, Janice provided thousands of Jet users with insight into writing reports and discovering data.

Janice continues to pursue her passion to help people and give small-medium size businesses the tools they need to access their data and report it in ways that make sense to the reader. 

Janice only works with people she trusts. The team is growing!  We all have many, many years of experience working with Jet products and are excited about the potential of Power BI. Janice and her team are here for you!

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I would not hesitate to recommend Janice for any financial reporting or performance management related project.

- Les Wright

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